Uncle Ben's Vegan List

Oriental Sauces: Sweet and sour original, sweet and sour light,  sweet and sour extra pineapple, sweet and sour spicy, lemon chicken, szechuan chilli
Thai Sauces: Thai Sweet Chilli
Mexican Sauces: Chilli Hot, Chilli Medium, Chilli Mild
Indian Sauces: Medium Curry
Loose Rice: Long Grain loose and boil-in-the-bag, Wholegrain loose and boil-in-the-bag, Basmati loose and boil-in-the-bag
Pouch Rice: Long Grain Rice, Long Grain and Wild Classic Rice, Basmati Classic Rice, Basmati and Thai Rice, Wholegrain Classic Rice, Spicy Mexican Special Rice, Savoury Chicken Flavoured Rice, Mexican Rice, Lemon and Rosemary Rice, Chinese Rice, Vegetable Pilau Rice, Golden vegetable Rice, Tandoori Rice, Mixed Pepper Rice, Mexican Bean Rice, Mexican with Lime Rice, Peshwari Rice, Brown Basmati Rice, Tomato and Basil Rice
Rice Time (Twin Pots with sauce and rice): Sweet and Sour, Mexican Chilli, Hot Mexican Chilli, Sweet Thai Chilli, Cantonese
Recipe Base (Sauce): Chicken Tikka Masala, Sticky BBQ Chicken, Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Korma, Sweet and Sour Chicken
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  1. Hi, They look vegan but are the new 5 whole grains boil-in-the-bag packs vegan? There's also 'Pearl wheat quinoa & wholegrain' as well that i am unsure of they look it to me as they say suitable for vegetarians ansd don't have anything suspect in other than 'flavouring...

    Thanks, I love your blog #LifeSaver

    1. Thanks for the compliment on our blog. I haven't got a more up-to-date list than this one from April last year. I would just pop them a message, they are the best people to ask. They are pretty good with getting back to people. Perhaps you can then share the list with us. veganwomble@planetmail.net