UK Treats - Guide Four Tesco Supermarket

NOT JUST ANOTHER BAGEL (or hot cross bun or teacake)!

Is there more than fruit salad for vegans in supermarkets - well yes - here is a guide on how to feed your sweet tooth in the UK from the main supermarkets and more!

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GUIDE FOUR- Tesco supermarket
For the latest vegan list see this post

soya yogurts own brand and alpro, own brand free from creme caramel. Chia pods and coyo coconut yogurt. Own brand dessert shake drinks.

Creme caramel
 Chocolate. Also some stores sell coyo and chia pods
 Raspberry and passion fruit

Fruit layered yogurts. New October 2014
 Three flavoured shakes in the fridge

CoYo yogurt.

fruit strudels, sorbets, Bessant and Drury’s 'ice cream' and Food Heaven 'cheesecake' are sold in some Tesco's as well as swedish glace (unilever). Look in the freefrom/veggie freezer section. Tesco now have a own brand coconut ice cream!

free from aisle
ready made dairy free alpro custard, chocolate, gingerbread and caramel desserts, cakes, biscuits, soya and oat cream, rice 'milk' chocolate and buttons

world food aisle
various vegan items on occasion

dessert aisle
jellies, canned fruit, canned fruit pie filling

Plenty of vegan biscuits and chocolates. The cherry praline are only at Christmas, but the Italian chocolates are all year in selected stores. They are with the other boxed chocolates. These in the green box are now sold in packets again, plain only, not the crunchy ones!
They also sell other boxed chocolates such as Bendicks
This Kinnerton bar of chocolate that Tesco sell is worth mentioning as Kinertons have a dedicated dairy free line to make this chocolate, so ideal for any vegans allergic to dairy.

Tesco have a vegan list that is updated every three months.
(Info on page below taken from the Tesco Vegan List Dec 2013, see Latest list for latest info

Tesco 2 Apple Pies (ISB) 67843737
Chilled pastry
Ready Rolled Light Shortcrust Pastry 375g 65832805
Ready Rolled Puff Pastry 375g 65832932
Ready Rolled Light Puff Pastry 375g 65832984
Ready Rolled Shortcrust Pastry 375g 66936819
Puff Pastry Block 73559869
Shortcrust Pastry Block 73560331
Frozen Desserts
Apple Strudel 600g 50864675
Woodland Fruit Strudel 600g 50994549
Everyday Value Apple Crumble 400g 72307755
Raspberry Sorbet 500ml 55326308
Coulis and Compotes 
Blackberry and Bramley apple fruit compote 72674336
Morello cherry and Williams pear fruit compote 72674561
Timperly rhubarb, Bramley apple & ginger Compote 72674630
Tesco Finest Alphonso Mango Coulis 255ml 72706277
Tesco Finest Forest Fruit Coulis 255ml 72706381
Tesco Finest Passion Fruit Coulis 255ml 72706876
G26AJ - JELLY Tesco Finest Raspberry and Kirsch Jelly Base 255ml 72706536
G26AP - SNACK and POT DESSERTS Tesco peach pieces in fruit juice 4x120g 55244192
Blackcurrant Jelly with grape juice and sweetener 120 62652700
Orange Jelly with Mandarin Seg with sweetener 120 62652798
Strawberry Jelly with grape juice and sweetener 120 62653286
Pineapple Jelly with Pineapple Pieces 120 62653682
Orange Jelly with grape juice and sweetener 120 62653872
Strawberry Jelly with Peach Pieces 120 62832390
Strawberry Jelly with Peach Pieces 4 x 120 63158443
Pineapple Jelly with Pineapple Pieces 4 x 120 63623935
Mango Jelly with Peach Pieces 4 x 120 63728276
50 Wafers 72790094
10 Ice Cream Cones 72790117
Tesco Custard Powder 300g 65042755
Lots of fruit sauces and syrups

Baking items
Tesco Golden Marzipan 500g 50035159
Tesco Natural Marzipan 500g 50,683,508
Tesco Fondant Icing 1kg 52049451
Tesco Fondant Icing 500g 52049468
Vanilla Flavoured Frosting 73105762
strawberry cheesecake flavour frosting 73105825
Cake Decoration 72760804
Cake Decoration 72760931
Sugar Decorations 72761037
Tesco Edible Wafer Flowers 72761659
Wafer Daisies 72762140
Wafer Butterflies 72762192
silver & gold edible glitter 72,833,304
Tesco Edible Wafer Princesses 73107057
Tesco Edible Wafer Pirates 73107074
Tesco Lemon Drizzle Cake Mix 70519611
Mini Victoria Sponge Cake Mix 71836101
Tesco Hot Cross Bun Cupcake Kit 340g 73503037
Tesco Hot Cross Bun Cupcake Kit 340g 73503037
Tesco Shortcrust Pastry Mix 450g 50328907

Other items thats been spotted
Tesco finest mango and passionfruit sorbet
Aunt Bessies frozen crumbles
Tesco value range apple pie
Free from wheat apple crumble

Finest 30% chocolate spread
Bourbon chocolate spread

Double chocolate hot cross buns.There are a few more that may be vegan, but contain citrus peel that may contain shellac, so we would need to find out. The chocolate ones don't' contain peel.

Tesco own brand malt loaf

Tesco fizzy alphabet gummies. There is also quite a few other vegan sweets that Tesco make as well as selling other branded vegan sweets such as love hearts.

In Scotland they also sell there own brand butteries and Macleans Highland bakery butteries. Despite the name, butteries often don't contain butter! In Scotland they also sell these fruit slices.



9Bars - quite a few are now vegan including breakfast bars

Mr Kipling

Hale and Hearty date and chocolate flapjacks 

Dark chocolate rice cakes such as Kallo brand are also sold in Tesco as are plain and caramel rice cakes.

In the baby food aisle there is plenty of vegan food goodies by such companies as goodies. Basically no junk cereal bars, oat cakes, puree puddings, jellies, cereal, snacks etc. 
P. S. This cereal tastes like cardboard, hoping to add it to chocolate and make a sort of rice crispy style dessert

They sometimes also sell Rakusen's chocolate digestives.

Some stores also stock Goody Good Stuff sweets. Not all are vegan.

Udi's bars found in the freefrom aisle and lifestyle aisle (until end of Aug14)

Rebel kitchen mylk

Some branches stock pudology puddings too.

Found in Tesco polish section

Tesco also have there own dairy free milks, cheese, cheese spreads, puddings etc. 
included this frosting as I know people who like it on toast!

and for those of you that live near a Tesco with a kosher section there is often vegan finds in there including this vegan squirty cream. If there is a kosher freezer there should be quite a few choices of vegan ice cream incuding vegan solero's (other finds are similar to magnums and vienetta)

and for those with a turkish section look out for these bars

If anyone spots any mistakes please let us know. Anything we should add to the list?
What have you spotted in Tesco? Help me make this post a useful resource.

Not a sweet treat, but worth mentioning that Tesco have a vegan sandwich 

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  1. Tots amaze vegan womble. Your quest is a noble one and full of bountiful knowledge for other like minded kin. All hail the vegan womble. Thankyou so much.

  2. Brilliant list! Must add though that I got the chocolate chip coconut value chewey bars ans although I can't see milk anywhere in the ingredients it says at the bottom, chocolate chips contain milk. And I've eaten one :( can't see it in the actual ingerdiets it's bizarre. And it's not a 'may contain'....

    1. Thanks Joanne for alerting me to this. No mention of this on the packaging I have shown, but I guess they have updated this and changed the recipe. No annoying. I have seen this happen so many times over the last 20 years of been vegan. I will remove from this article and the cereal bars article too.

  3. Brilliant, thanks :)

  4. Hopes to get more vegan stuff here, thnk u

  5. Unfortunately, they have stopped producing the Bourbon chocolate spread. Such a pity as I loved it.