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Vegan Take out grab and go

Where can you find a sandwich or salad or some kind of easy take out on the UK High Street? This is what the supermarkets and coffeeshop/sandwich chains are offering.

As far as I know they don't do vegan sandwiches. I know they do a salad boxes and they sell houmous, crisps, chocolate, drinks and biscuits, so you wouldn't starve!

To check out.

Very disappointed in Boots. There used to be a good choice and once was the only way to get a vegan bugsy carrot and houmous sandwich . No longer. No sandwiches or salads. I found builder protein bars, crisps including vegetable crisps, coconut water, smoothies, other drinks and fruit salad. So although this can make a meal of sorts, very disappointing. Maybe other branches far better!
I have seen in the past carrot sticks and houmous and roast veg and rice salads, so they may still exist.

They used to do a soup and a pasta, but they are no longer listed on there nutritional info menu. So not sure if there is anything from here apart from drinks, bear yo yo's fruit rolls, chocolate and crisps. This is very disappointing, as these were one of the better chains for choices and labelling. They also do a vegan mince pie at xmas.

No dedicated sandwich, but they do a  Mediterranean bread with sun dried tomatoes, red and green peppers, green olives, capers and herbs and I think this is a good replacement for a sandwich. 

No sandwiches. Just fresh fruit, crisps and vegetable crisps as far as I know.

Sausage rolls, Pork pies, Pasties, Vbite ready to eat sausages, 
Some stores also sell vegan sandwiches.

Salad boxes and a houmous flatbread, details and picture below.

To check out.

Samosa is in the meal deal, with crisps and drinks.
On there vegan list is a 'Cou Roasted Butternut Squash Red Pepper Houmous Wrap'
They also have carrot sticks and houmous in the take out section and they now sell single portion iced buns too for dessert. They sell many many salads, couscous/char-grilled veg type, pasta type, superfoods etc. Far too many to list and most usually on 2 for £3. They also have a trio of topped bread rolls, that make a good sandwich replacement. 

I also love there cranberry and pecan bread and the fig and walnut bread. Tasty on there own.


There allergy list has a vegan section on page 16 (currently dated June 2014)

Sainsburys don't do any vegan sandwiches or wraps. Its just a case of a salad box and houmous or one of these ideas below.
Taken from there vegan list.
Carrots with Chunky Humous 120gram
 Red Pepper, Mooli and sugar snap peas with a teriyaki dip 135gram
 6 Stuffed Vine Leaves 225gram
Falafel and Houmous Snack Pack 136gram
Mini Olive Snack Pots - Princess gordal olives in a parsley dressing and Cuqillo olives 
Piri Piri Falafels 176gram (don't know if they need cooking/warming to eat)
12 Falafels 200gram (don't know if they need cooking/warming to eat)
I know they also do a pasta pot (pasta in a tomato sauce) and couscous with char-grilled roast vegetables pot.
They also sell onion bhaji, samosas etc, but not sure if you can eat them cold or not.
Grilled artichoke pots are another option to go alongside some of these choices.
Also salsa dip and low fat guacamole to serve wtih falafels and sald would be good.
Mixed bean salads

They sell at least 6 choices of vegan sandwiches/wraps/burritos in selected stores, specially near Universities. They are made by by Freshfoods. 



They do a veggie delight on hearty Italian bread with no cheese. Basically a salad sandwich, which you would then need to pop to your local health food store and pick up a pack of vbite slices to add to it to make it more filling and interesting. Although you would want to ask for clean gloves and knifes to be used, cross contamination is a big issue, due to putting gloved hands into food that has touched meat.  Apparently they are trialing houmous at some branches.

This wrap is in the meal deal with crisps/fruit and drink

Super Hero JalapeƱo is listed under sandwiches on there vegan list.
They also do a Tesco Chargrilled Mediterranean Vegetable Wrap 
Anyone know if they still do the houmous and carrot chutney sandwich/wrap

These are also sold in some Tesco branches and you can eat cold. 


vegan sushi 
Red Pepper Houmous and Focaccia
Chickpea Couscous and Houmous Dip Salad
Roasted Butternut Squash and Five Grain Salad
roasted vegetables, SunBlush® tomato and couscous
carrot and reduced fat houmous
Vegetable Samosa 
Vit C Salad
Salad Bar
Fruity Moroccan style Couscous 
Mixed Leaf Salad
Red Cabbage Slaw 
Beetroot and Carrot Salad 
 Rice, edamame and crunchy vegetable salad 
Tomato and Basil Fusilloni Pasta 
 Adzuki and Edamame bean salad 
 Smokey Mixed Bean Salad
Oriental Green Beans

Urban eats are available at railway station branches.
These two are confirmed vegan by Urban eats.

Sandwich - Sweet potato falafel with houmous, carrots, pumpkin seeds and spinach.

Delphi salad pots are sold in various newsagents and health food stores and some of them are vegan.

Local sandwich shops and bakeries may also do vegan sandwiches, houmous, falafel, marmite or peanut butter seems to be the popular choices.

Vegan Sweeties found in UK shops.

As usual this is a working document. If you have info or photos you can provide to make this a better resource, please either post on the vegan womble fb page or in the fb vegan womble chat room or via comments on this blog page. Thanks in advance.

To check out


To check further to see if there is anymore.

Sugar confectionery lollypop
Mint imperials
Any more?

Haven't checked yet, but I know they have a range called beauty sweets!

They don't have own brands, but sell many vegan sweets such as vimto range (see vimto below for list of vegan ones), love hearts, palma violets etc

Not a own brand, but these vegan sweets are sold in Iceland.

? not checked yet


Sweets and Gums taken from there vegan list Aug 2014. 
Hopefully there will be more at Xmas, like there was at Easter.
Apple & Blackberry Clusters - 5 X 25g Multipack
Chewy Fruits 
Clear Fruits 
Curiously Strong Gum 
Fruit Sherbets 
Glacier Fruits 
Glacier Mints 
Lemon Mint Gum 
Mint Imperials
Peppermint Gum 
Rhubarb and Custards - 2 For £1 
Sherbet Lemons - 2 For £1 
Soft Liquorice 
Spearmint Gum 
Sugar Free Mints Box 
Sugar Free Orange and Lemon Fruit Drops - Box
Veggie Fruit Gums 
Veggie Fruit Pastilles 
Veggie Super Sour Pastilles 
Veggie Wine Gums 


Mint imperials
Flying Saucers
Rose and lemon turkish delight

Coconut ice are there only sweetie confectionery listing on there website! Hopefully they do more.

A phone call to Tesco have confirmed the flavourings are not animal based in the chewy blue raspberry bonbons.

Can't find any on there vegan list.

FOX'S- I think all there sweets are vegan friendly. Easily found, especially in bargain shops.

FRUIT FACTORY - Many of there range is vegan friendly, but not all. 
Found in supermarkets and poundland.

GOODY GOOD STUFF - Some of there range is vegan.
Sold in supermarkets, health food stores and selected poundstretchers.


RACHEL ALLEN - sweets spotted in b and m stores. Also online.

This list is old, but I know some are still vegan, so may still be correct. Posting a link until I get a uptodate one.

Here is a selection sold on alternative stores
Alternative stores also sell jelly sweets
and other sweeties they sell


Lollipops, scoox fizzy sticks, snagz fizzy belts are all suitable for vegans.

Starburst - original, morphs, sours. Hubba Hubba chewing gum - all 4 flavours. Tunes - cherry. Wrigleys site tells you under the nutritional info if something is vegan.